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WATCH: Rams COO reads mean tweets about logo after telethon raises $2.3 million for COVID-19 relief

Matt Johnson
Rams, uniforms
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams didn’t receive the reaction they were hoping for when they unveiled their new logo in March. Fortunately, Rams COO Kevin Demoff made the best out of it with a hilarious video after the city raised $2.3 million to provide support for the United Way and the Los Angeles Food Bank.

Demoff vowed to read mean tweets from fans roasting the team for its ugly logo if everyone raised $2 million to give towards COVID-19 relief efforts. Thanks to several players and countless fans, they blew past their mark during the telethon and Demoff was a man of his word.

The logo, which even Rams legend Eric Dickerson called out, drew plenty of comparisons to the Los Angeles Chargers’ logo and received a variety of hilarious tweets trashing it. Fortunately, the team took it well and Demoff found a great way to channel the reactions into donations for those in need.

It’s still going to be hilarious when the team takes the field with the new logo next season. But it will help to know everyone came together to raise $2.3 million, which will help provide millions of meals for those struggling without an income during the COVID-19 pandemic.