WATCH: Potential first-round pick Da’Ron Payne is incredibly strong

By Jesse Reed

We’re going to be treated to the annual dog-and-pony show that is the NFL Scouting Combine in just a matter of days. Athletes like Alabama’s Da’Ron Payne are currently training their butts off to make the best possible impression on NFL coaches and personnel men.

Among the things Payne is doing right now to prepare is lifting a ton of weight.

How much weight, you might ask?

The ease with which Payne deadlifts 635 pounds is a testament to his raw strength, though he still has a ways to go to catch the NFL’s top dogs.

He showed off his athleticism and explosion during the months of December and January, showing himself to be one of the top impact players on the Crimson Tide.

Some people who cover the NFL draft for a living have Payne pegged as a first-round talent. We’ll soon find out where he lands, along with all the other NFL draft hopefuls in 2018.