WATCH: Phillie Phanatic loses it on Marlins’ fan cutout

By Matt Johnson
David Dermer-USA TODAY Sports

The Phillie Phanatic has developed a reputation in recent years for being one of the wildest mascots in sports. With the Philadelphia Phillies unable to play with fans in attendance this season, the Phanatic decided to turn his attention to a Miami Marlins fan’s cutout.

Admittedly, this might have all started when the Phillie Phanatic failed to start the wave behind home plate during Sunday’s game. When the cutout fans didn’t tale part, emotions boiled over and the Phanatic found a fan to take it out on.

After searching Citizens Bank Park, the Phillie Phanatic found a cutout to unleash his frustrations on. When standing in front of and covering the cutout didn’t work, the Phanatic brought out his secret weapon.

It’s this exact personality that makes the Phillie Phanatic so beloved by sports fans in Philadelphia and the team. Even Bryce Harper loves the mascot and made sure to show it with some wild cleats on Opening Day.

The cardboard cutout should consider itself lucky. Even if it was an accident, the Phanatic has struck a real fan with a hot dog shot. Given the Phillie Phanatic won’t have any fans to draw reactions from for a while, we’re fascinated to see what the mascot does next.