WATCH: Patriots RB Tries His Hand At Stand-Up Comedy

Making people laugh is always something that is good for the soul. What happens when your day job is to be a running back in the NFL and you try to take your personality to the next level by making people laugh?

That’s what New England Patriots running back Jonas Gray did.

The 24 year-old not only did a stand-up comedy routine, but he did so in pretty awesome fashion. He got to open up for Dustin Diamond. Diamond may not have been the childhood crush most of you guys had on Tiffany Amber Theisen, but he surely was a huge part of Saved by the Bell.

Gray touched on reality shows that we are all guilty of having a slight addiction to. More specifically, he talked about The Jersey Shore. It’s okay to admit you have watched it, nobody will judge a little gym, tan, and laundry.

When asked about his sudden comedy adventure, Gray told Boston.com:

One of my good friends is a comedian–not a popular guy, but he’s known pretty well on the comedic scene, says Gray.

Gray also indicated that he was the funniest man on the Patriots team.

While Gray shouldn’t quit his day job (four touchdowns Sunday night against Indianapolis), he’s still pretty darn funny and didn’t get any tomatoes thrown at him.

Photo: Bleacher Report