WATCH: Pair of New England Patriots prep for the season doing isometric Bulgarian split squats

For the players on 31 of the NFL’s 32 teams, their offseason workouts have had one goal in mind. They need to do what they can to improve and help their team take down the New England Patriots.

Members of the Patriots, on the other hand, have been doing whatever they can to make sure they stay on top. For some players that may entail engaging in a super-intense traditional workout regimen.

But that is not the case for at least two members of the New England Patriots, wide receiver Chris Hogan and defensive back Devin McCourty.

They’ve been working out with a trainer, Mike Guadango, the owner and founder of Freak Strength in New Jersey. Recently, he posted a video of Hogan and McCourty doing isometric Bulgarian split squats with Seated single leg jumps.


If you are a young wide receiver or defensive back, should you be doing isometric Bulgarian split squats with Seated single leg jumps to make it to the NFL? Not necessarily, but they are an excellent way to work on two significant things for both positions, body control and balance. If a pair of world champions think they help, there might be something to them.