Watch out Odell Beckham Jr., Tom Brady can catch one-handed touchdowns too

By Rachel Wold

Despite the “Deflategate” scandal surrounding New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, he is still on the field at training camp practicing with his team.

Watch as wide receiver Julian Edelman plays quarterback (again) on a play fake, and throws this touchdown bomb to Brady.

Yes, that was a one-handed catch by Brady.

Okay. That was not anywhere near as impressive as New York Giants wideout Odell Beckham Jr.’s legendary backwards one-handed catch.

Though, it’s still rather impressive.

This reception “adds” to the one lone career catch that Brady made against the Miami Dolphins back in 2001.

Perhaps if backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo struggles while starting for Brady, the Patriots could insert Edelman at quarterback. After all, Edelman nailed his first career touchdown in 2014 when he completed a 51-yard pass to Danny Amendola in the divisional playoff game against the Baltimore Ravens.

“Deflategate” aside, it is great to see NFL teams back at practice this week.