WATCH: Orioles fan pays perfect tribute to Manny Machado

When a star player leaves a team, either via free agency or trade, some sections of the fanbase reacts angrily. Often times, videos are posted of a fan burning the jersey they once bought in retaliation.

On Wednesday, a Baltimore Orioles fan recorded a video of himself holding a lighter prepared to burn a Manny Machado jersey after the 26-year-old was traded to the Dodgers. Instead, the fan honored the former star in Baltimore with a much more fitting tribute.


Machado gave Baltimore’s fans and the organization 860 games of excellence. He rewarded the team that drafted him in 2010 with some amazing memories and the opportunity to watch one of the game’s best hitters.

Now as Baltimore begins to rebuild, Machado is taking his talent to a team where he can potentially compete for the World Series.

While fans can be crazy at times and go overboard with their reactions, this was a great tribute by an even greater fan.