Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

We already know that the likes of James Harden and LeBron James get away with travels at an alarmingly high clip.

Dating back to the days of Michael Jordan, a player’s star status has enabled him to get away with the most egregious of travels.

While Washington Wizards guard Bradley Beal isn’t what many would consider a true star, he sure got the treatment against the Detroit Pistons on Monday evening.

Check out Beal taking five-plus steps on a drive to the lane without having been called for a travel.

Even the announcers on the scene in Detroit couldn’t believe their eyes.

The Pistons can’t even be too upset over this. It was so blatant that all they could do was laugh. And in the end, Blake Griffin and Co. certainly did get the last laugh with a 121-112 win over Washington.