WATCH: Nick Saban screams at his offense in hilarious rant

There isn’t a whole heck of a lot that’s funnier than a grown man losing his stuff on the sideline while coaching, you know, a game. Jim Harbaugh is one of the guys who regularly makes us chuckle as he loses it, and Nick Saban has it down to an art form.

The ‘Bama head coach was back at it again as his Crimson Tide took on Washington in the Peach Bowl.┬áMad that his offense didn’t get a snap off on time, up by 10 points in the third quarter, he went berserk.

“Snap the ball!!!”

Yes. Feel the anger. Let it flow inside of you. Good.

Emperor Palpatine would be proud of Saban’s rant on Saturday, and we can’t stop watching him flap his arms around like he’s trying to fly.