WATCH: Nick Foles rides on float in Disney World parade

Nick Foles is a huge reason why you shouldn't bet against the Eagles in Super Bowl LII

Super Bowl LII MVP quarterback Nick Foles is enjoying Disney World with thousands of his closest friends.

Just take a look him sharing float space with Mickey Mouse as he greets the crowd.

“It’s unbelievable to be out here with everyone here,” Foles said, “I mean, we’re celebrating, having a good time!”

Heck yeah, it looks like a good time! What is not to love about this scene? The whole park is filled with Philly fans who Foles encourages to yell and celebrate.

The Eagles (and their fans) have been waiting a long time for a Super Bowl Championship. And, little did anyone predict at the beginning of the season it would be Foles taking his MVP celebration to Disney World.

Many congratulations to him and the Eagles on a game victory well-earned.