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WATCH: Nationals’ Sean Doolittle signs autographs for fans in pouring rain

Matt Johnson
Sean Doolittle, Nationals
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Spring training is often a great opportunity for young baseball fans to meet their favorite MLB players and get autographs. While pouring rain might have kept most players inside, Washington Nationals closer Sean Doolittle showed how much fans mean to him with an incredible act.

As fans stood outside the gates watching the Nationals practice in the pouring rain, Washington’s All-Star closer went over and made every young fan’s day. The 33-year-old made sure to meet every young baseball fan who was waiting for him and signed an autograph for each of them.

While signing autographs in the best of circumstances might be annoying for fans, Doolittle showed what baseball is about. Whether it’s sunny and warm or could and pouring rain, baseball fans go out to just be close to the game. Doolittle continues to prove why he’s one of the most respected and loved players in the sport.