WATCH: Mets’ Pete Alonso plays catch with young fan at Citi Field

© Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

Just days before New York Mets first baseman Peter Alonso is set to make some incredible memories in his first All-Star Game, he took time out to create a lifelong memory for a young fan at Citi Field.

Before Friday’s game against the Philadelphia Phillies, Alonso threw a baseball into a young fan in the stands then invited him down on the field for a game of catch.

It’s already a memorable moment in a child’s life to even catch a baseball from an MLB star, but Alonso took it a step further by letting the kid step onto Citi Field and get a taste of the MLB life.

The 24-year-old is already emerging as one of New York’s biggest stars and will also be participating in the 2019 Home Run Derby. This is just an incredible move by Alonso and speaks to why he is so loved by baseball fans in New York.