WATCH: Madison Bumgarner throws tantrum after Max Muncy homers, admires it

Madison Bumgarner got off to a poor start Sunday giving up a first-inning home run to Max Muncy, who rubbed salt in the wound by admiring his handiwork.

The San Francisco Giants pitcher didn’t take the slow walk to first well, yelling at Muncy while following him down the first-base line. Home plate umpire Will Little then had words with Bumgarner for his little tantrum, per Ken Gurnick of MLB.com.

Here’s video of the exchange:

The Dodgers certainly do have a tendency to get under Bumgarner’s skin. On the other hand, it sure seems like he has some pretty thin skin all around these days. This isn’t the first time Bumgarner has lost his temper after being shown up a bit by a batter, and it won’t be the last.