WATCH: LeBron James interrupts Craig Sager interview with Kobe Bryant

Courtesy of USA Today Images

Craig Sager was trying to get Kobe Bryant to comment about his final NBA All-Star Game experience at halftime on Sunday when LeBron James decided to interject.

The interruption was a nice ice-breaker, though, rather than a rude gesture. Bryant cracked up and then proceeded to tell Sager that it was moments like this one he’ll miss the most.¬†As it goes for so many professional athletes, the hardest thing to let go of isn’t the game itself but the camaraderie that develops between competitors and teammates.

Kobe, who doesn’t quite have the same hops that made him so famous in his youth, tried dunking on LeBron but couldn’t finish like he did in his prime.¬†Bryant clearly didn’t have the lift he needed to slam it home but still managed to make it work, laying the ball in for two of his 10 first-half points to go along with five rebounds, four assists and one steal.

Clearly, Bryant is soaking this final All-Star appearance in, and his peers are doing everything in their power to make the experience memorable.