WATCH: LeBron James dishes to Dwight Howard for beautiful alley-oop slam

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Lakers heard plenty of laughs when they signed Dwight Howard this offseason. It’s now Howard and LeBron James that are smiling and having fun, especially after they connected for a gorgeous alley-oop slam on Saturday night.

LeBron, who entered the night leading the NBA in assists, continued dishing beautiful passes and setting up his teammates for easy buckets against the Golden State Warriors. When LeBron saw his 6-foot-10 center slip through Golden State’s defense, he lobbed it up to Howard and the pair connected with a thunderous alley-oop to increase their lead.

James remains one of the NBA’s greatest passers and his ability to effortlessly toss the basketball into the perfect position has the Lakers rolling this season. If Howard wants to upstage his competition at the Slam Dunk Contest and reclaim his title, the 34-year-old should enlist LeBron’s help to pull off some breathtaking dunks.