WATCH: Last play of Wildcats-Guardians XFL game was glorious

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Very few fans showed up to the Meadowlands Saturday afternoon to catch the Los Angeles Wildcats’ game against the New York Guardians.

Those who did make the trek to Jersey were in for a heck of a game. New York came out on top by the score of 17-14 to move to 2-2 on the season.

Though, it was the last play of the game that was as glorious as it was horrible. Los Angeles needed to get into the end zone from inside it own territory.

That’s when offensive coordinator Norm Chow drew up a hook and ladder. The play failed after lasting a good minute with about 10 flags being thrown.

A couple illegal forward passes, a few fumbles and the announcers laughing it off. This should be played to Benny Hill music.

It’s the very same game that saw a security officer get decked. At least, he wasn’t around to see this dumpster fire.