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WATCH: Lamar Jackson and Joe Flacco hook up on trick play

Matt Johnson

In the midst of a battle for snaps during training camp, Baltimore Ravens quarterbacks Joe Flacco and Lamar Jackson found a way to both get involved in the action this week.

As the Ravens continue to find ways to get Jackson on the field more, it resulted in this moment during Monday’s practice when he hooked up with Flacco on a pass.

It’s another signature highlight in what has been a very positive camp for both quarterbacks. Jackson threw darts in his first day of camp¬†and Baltimore’s offensive coordinator said the rookie is “way ahead of the curve”.

Meanwhile, the 33-year-old Flacco is having “far and away” his best training camp in his career,¬†likely thanks to the new competition behind him.

Flacco is going to be the starting quarterback to begin the year, but plays like this one show the Ravens have plans to get both quarterbacks on the field.

While the wrinkle in the offense will normally put the ball in Flacco’s hands to start, this show plays there is an even greater dimension to Baltimore’s offense in 2018.