WATCH: Kyle Long with hilarious take on the ‘Mitch’ vs ‘Mitchell’ conspiracies

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Kyle Long played for the Chicago Bears for all of his seven-year career. Now retired, he’s having some serious fun with the whole “Mitch” versus “Mitchell” Trubisky talk.

Check out this hilarious video posted by Long Thursday. With an extremely conspiracy-theory vibe, he takes aim at the shift from “Mitch” to “Mitchell” Trubisky as some key to what’s going on with the Bears.

Help me out here folks. Who’s getting shaded? From my vantage point, he seems to be taking aim at all those who have gone conspiracy theorist on the whole “Mitch” versus “Mitchell” thing.

Regardless, that’s a hilarious video by Long, who appears to be digging the retired life.