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WATCH: Kyle Fan Noy shares how Bill Belichick chipped his tooth with three paintballs to the face

Jesse Reed
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Earlier this year, a funny story emerged about how Bill Belichick caused Kyle Van Noy to chip a tooth during the team’s paintball excursion.

On Monday, appearing on “Fair Game,” Van Noy opened up about the experience. Not only did Belichick hit him in the face with a paintball, but he did it three times.


Van Noy explained that he slipped on a slick of paint from a previous paintball match. Once he fell down, he made a sound that gave away his position. Belichick pounced on the opportunity, pegging him three times, and the final paintball caused the facemask Van Noy was wearing to come down and chip his tooth.

If that isn’t a perfect Belichick story, then I don’t know what is.