WATCH: Kobe Bryant fan not having this LeBron James mock-up

LeBron James is a member of the Los Angeles Lakers. Read that sentence over again and join us back in reality. As such, debates will rage regarding James’ place in Lakers franchise history.

Without having even played a game for the yellow and purple, where does James rank in terms of all-time great Laker players? Is he already ahead of Kareem and Jerry? What about Kobe and Magic?

It’s certainly not going to die down any time soon. Hence, the mock-up someone created in Southern California by adding LeBron’s face to a Kobe mural. It’s blasphemy and downright ludicrous. Let Mamba on Melrose be Mamba on Melrose.

Apparently this one Kobe fan agreed.

Dude legit took his shoe off and threw it at the mural like it was George W. Bush. My gosh, talk about commitment.

The better news? It worked. Check the end of the video.