WATCH: Jon Lester Throw Glove to First Base to Record Out

Athletes are often forced to make the best of a bad situation. Chicago Cubs pitcher Jon Lester showed those quick-thinking skills on Sunday.

In the top of the second inning during the Cubs’ meeting with the San Diego Padres, the left-hander snagged a ground ball hit by Clint Barmes. Since Jedd Gyorko was on first base, Lester turned toward second base to initiate a potential double play.

But there was a problem: the ball was caught in the webbing of his glove. So, Lester decided to toss his glove to first baseman Anthony Rizzo, recording a unique out at first base.

Lester retired the Padres’ next batter—opposing pitcher Andrew Cashner—to escape the inning with a web gem and no earned runs to his name.

Photo: USA Today Sports