WATCH: Joe Tessitore calls D.K. Metcalf ‘Decaf’ Metcalf

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

We’re hitting new levels of greatness on “Monday Night Football.” It has nothing to do with the Minnesota Vikings or Seattle Seahawks on the field.

It certainly has nothing to do with Booger McFarland calling the game for ESPN.

Rather, it’s all about his partner in crime in the broadcast booth. Joe Tessitore absolutely just gave Seahawks rookie receiver D.K. Metcalf a nickname. Whether he meant to remains to be seen. But it was darn epic.

This is brilliance defined. It could have very well been a Freudian slip, but it must stick.

The football world was all about it, too.


Starbucks. Decaf coffee. Seattle. Get it? Glad we’re not the only ones.