Joe Mixon best runs: unbelievable 29-yard run vs. Patriots

By Matt Johnson
© David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Cincinnati Bengals running back Joe Mixon hasn’t had much room to run this season behind one of the NFL’s worst offensive lines. He made the best of his situation in Week 15 with an insane 29-yard run against the New England Patriots.

New England’s front-seven immediately got into the backfield moments after the snap. Despite being cornered, Mixon slipped out of a tackle and then squeezed between three defenders and taking off for a huge run.

The 29-yard gain put Cincinnati’s offense at the Patriots’ 32-yard line and got everyone on the sideline fired up. Quarterback Andy Dalton quickly took advantage with a game-tying touchdown pass four plays later.

While he struggled to produce early in the season, Mixon has come alive as of late and is showing why he is one of the NFL’s most underrated running backs.