WATCH: Joc Pederson just hit season’s most impressive HR

Vincent Frank
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

There’s a reason Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Joc Pederson took part in the Home Run Derby this season.

The dude can flat out hit a baseball. Just ask Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Taylor Clarke, who was on the receiving end of the most impressive homer of the season Sunday evening.

Pederson took a 96 mph fastball and torched it over the right-field fence for a go-ahead solo blast in the top of the 11th.

That’s video game stuff right there. The ball traveled nearly 454 feet and left Pederson’s bat at an absurd 110.5 mph.

The right fielder didn’t move. Pederson barely had a chance to watch the ball before it landed in the stands.

We’ve seen homers hit further this season. We’ve also seen homers hit harder this season. But the combination of the two makes this the most impressive of the 2019 MLB season.