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WATCH: Jimmy Butler met with boos for Wolves’ home opener

Vincent Frank
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Jimmy Butler’s Minnesota Timberwolves teammates might be playing it cool with the disgruntled All-Star performer. But in no way does that mean fans in Minneapolis are okay with Butler’s trade request and the drama it has created.

Wolves fans booed Butler big time during introductions prior to the team’s home opener against the Cleveland Cavaliers at the Target Center Friday night. It wasn’t a smattering of boos. Rather, it was widespread in nature.

Not too often do we see a home player get heckled in this manner. In a way, Butler certainly does deserve it. Fans want the players to actually be part of the community.

Butler has made it clear he has no intention of being in Minnesota long term. By demanding a trade, he’s essentially saying he’s forced to play in front of the home crowd. Who wouldn’t be upset about those optics?