WATCH: Jets don’t even bother trying to recover fumble on embarrassing play

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Jets were getting manhandled early in their game against the New England Patriots Monday night. How bad was it? The Pats had 17 points and 141 total yards compared to 20 yards for the Jets early in the second quarter.

It did not get much better for Sam Darnold and the Jets from that point on. Darnold was strip sacked by John Simon.

The ball was returned 38 yards by Kyle Van Noy for what appeared to be a touchdown. While officials determined that Van Noy was touched by Jets tight end Ryan Griffin, the play itself was embarrassing for the home team.


Check out the number of Jets players standing around as Van Noy recovered the fumble and returned it the other way for what looked to be a score.

If it weren’t for Griffin accidentally touching the Pats’ defender, this would have been an easy score and a 24-0 New England lead.

We’ve already seen Darnold make a mistake in this game. Now, we’re witnessing a lack of effort from the Jets.

Yeah, this is not a good look for embattled head coach Adam Gase and his team. And like clockwork, the Pats punched it in for a 24-0 lead less than 21 minutes into the game. Fun stuff in Jersey.