WATCH: Jazz’ Kyle Korver with boneheaded play of NBA season

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Everything was seemingly going swimmingly for Kyle Korver and the Utah Jazz against the Portland Trail Blazers Monday night.

Utah found itself up by double digits more than midway through the second quarter. What transpired at that point had Korver and his teammates cracking up.

Damian Lillard hit an air ball on a three-point attempt. Instead of letting the ball go out of bounds, Korver caught it and went out of bounds himself for a turnover.

It’s something we’ve never seen in the modern history of the NBA. And it was absolutely brilliant.

As you can tell, Korver got a nice little chuckle out of the entire situation. Why not? When you make a boneheaded play like this, there’s nothing else to do.

The good news? Utah headed into halftime up 51-44. Let’s hope this mistake doesn’t cost the team the game.