Watch: Jason Pierre-Paul is able to grip and bench press successfully

By Rachel Wold

The New York Giants gave defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul a one-year opportunity to show he can successfully contribute to the franchise in 2016 when they signed him to a $10 million deal.

And proving those who said he wouldn’t be able to grip a weight bar due to his surgically-altered hand wrong, Pierre-Paul posted this video showing him bench pressing some pretty significant weight.

JPP’s inspiring caption reads this.

“And they said I wouldn’t be able to grip the bar and lift weights anymore. I’m getting better and I give all the glory to God. It’s going to take time, but I’ll be lifting more and no time.#90PowerCircle #90IsBack”

Pierre-Paul briefly became a free agent after completing an unsuccessful 2015 campaign when he posted only one sack and 26 combined tackles in eight games. When in play, the defensive end had to wear a special glove crafted to fit over his disabled hand to assist and protect. His numbers were unfortunately a far cry from his 12.5 sacks and 77 combined tackles made in 2014.

By the looks of the video, it would appear JPP is already making great progress. Hopefully, this leads to the defensive end being able to contribute more to what was one of the NFL’s worst defenses in 2015.