WATCH: James Harrison utilizes Patriots media playbook to perfection when asked about Tom Brady’s hand

New England’s indoctrination into the Patriot way has been swiftly implemented for recently signed veteran linebacker, James Harrison.

As we all know by now, Tom Brady injured his hand during a collision with a teammate this week and has been forced to miss some practice time because of the injury. On Friday, Brady showed up to his press conference wearing red gloves on both of his hands. And when asked if he’d be playing Sunday, he quipped, “We’ll see.”

Of course, none of us buy any notion that Brady might not play. Of course he’s playing. And, whether the injury is significant or not, the double-glove-wearing scheme is another way the Patriots are playing with their opponent and the media.

Now, back to Harrison. He was in the locker room Friday being grilled by the media about whether he saw the play in which Brady was injured. He stonewalled brilliantly, noting he’s still trying to learn the team’s defense — a classic Belichickian line if we’ve ever heard one. When pressed again with whether he’d ever seen anything like this happen during his time in Pittsburgh, Harrison then challenged with, “We got any Jacksonville questions?”

The segue into discussing Jacksonville’s run game was truly a sight to behold. Harrison was “on to Jacksonville” in a heartbeat, and it’s clear he needs no further training in the Patriot Way, just weeks into his new gig with the defending Super Bowl champs.

Also, for what it’s worth, the Jaguars aren’t buying this whole “injured hand” thing one little bit. It’s going to be fascinating to see how things unfold this Sunday in Foxborough.