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WATCH: James Harden absolutely posterizes JaVale McGee

Vincent Frank

Former NBA MVP James Harden has been Shaqtin fools since during his college days at Arizona State. Even with his Houston Rockets struggling this season, the guard still continues to play at a high level.

Just ask Los Angeles Lakers center JaVale McGee who was absolutely posterized by Mr. Harden during Thursday night’s game in Houston. Fans of McGee should look away. For the rest of us, this belongs blown up on a poster and hung directly on our walls.

Harden legitimately took McGee’s man card and dunked on it. There’s no other way to go about it. We’re just wondering how the veteran center is ever going to recover from such a sinister play from Harden.

He’s got a family. He’s got friends. It’s the holiday season. And you do him this dirty? Yeah, Mr. Harden is a bad, bad man.