WATCH: Jameis Winston pulls off Houdini act against Bears

The Chicago Bears had Jameis Winston for a safety in the end zone Sunday but couldn’t corral the gunslinger, much to their dismay.

On a play that began at his own 23-yard line, Winston was escaping pressure, backtracking all the way into his own end zone. It looked like the Bears would wrap him up. Instead, he connected with Mike Evans on a huge 39-yard pass.

This remarkable Houdini act set up a 43-yard touchdown to Freddie Martino just one play later after a delay-of-game penalty. It also gave the Bucs a 24-10 lead over the hapless Bears, who’d be down by much more if not for a Hail Mary to close out the first half (watch here).

It’s been a huge day for Winston, who earlier became the youngest quarterback in NFL history to pass for 40 touchdowns.