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WATCH: Jake Paul and Logan Paul eat raw cow testicle, but one couldn’t pass the test

Jason Burgos

YouTube brothers turned boxers Jake Paul and Logan Paul took on another unique challenge during a recent addition of the latter’s popular podcast.

Love them or hate them, the Paul bros. have made very healthy livings from dabbling in many different vocations and pastimes. The duo has built an army of devoted followers from their ventures in acting, music, podcasting, and most recently boxing. Despite not being anywhere near the most talented in the fields they have joined, their willingness to experiment and take risks has set them apart.

The pair did so again during a Wednesday upload of Logan’s “Impaulsive” podcast, where he was visited by the individual known as the “Liver King.” Brian Johnson has grown to fame as a social media influencer by promoting his diet based on eating raw organ meat. During his appearance on the podcast, he brought with him a selection of cow liver, testicle, pancreas, kidneys, and heart for Paul and his cohorts — including his father Gregory — to try.

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Jake Paul and Logan Paul partake in the ‘Liver King’s’ raw buffet

After a bit of conversation (that starts at the 8:28 mark) on the “Liver King’s” buffet of chopped-up organs, Paul takes Johnson’s suggestion to partake in one particular piece of meat. That being the testicle. After some uncomfortable chewing, Paul up-chucks the cow meat. To which his father calls him a “f***ing b***h” and tells him to give him that “nut.” The elder Paul downs it without issue. Which was his second helping of testicles.

Eventually, the 5-0 Jake Paul shows up to take on the challenge of the cow delicacy. Making his father proud, the popular boxing star takes a couple of bites and says the raw piece of meat is similar to sashimi, “just not as good.”

Logan Paul has yet to announce when or if he will make his return to the boxing ring following his exhibition fight loss to boxing icon Floyd Mayweather last year. Jake has claimed his next fight will come in August, however, an opponent has yet to be announced.