USC long-snapper Jake Olson

The story of Jake Olson is so inspirational. He lost his eyesight as a child due to retinoblastoma. Yet that never stopped him from pursuing his dreams.

On Wednesday, the former long snapper was at USC’s pro day to work out on the bench and raise money for retinoblastoma research.

He aims to make it possible for young children to get a groundbreaking new procedure (utilizing the “Episcleral Topotecan device,” which delivers chemotherapy directly to tumors and vitreous seeds located within the eye) that could save their eyes, which was unavailable to him when he was young.

When it was his turn to pump some iron, Olson put up the 225-pound weight 17 times.

Olson’s campaign, which he set up last month, is called “Jake Olson’s Reps For Retinoblastoma” and is featured on the Pledge It website. He was seeking to raise $250,000 total. A the time of this writing he had raised just over $48,000.

Jesse Reed
Managing Editor at Sportsnaut. Featured on Yardbarker and, and formerly was a breaking news writer/NFL analyst for Bleacher Report.