WATCH: Ja Morant throws between-the-legs lob to set up absurd Zion alley-oop

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Ja Morant-Zion Williamson connection might just be unstoppable. Moments after connecting for an incredible halfcourt, alley-oop dunk, the rookie duo took their game to the next level with one of the best moments in the history of the Rising Stars Challenge.

Morant took advantage of the two-on-one fast break with his former AAU teammate leading the way. As Zion prepared to take flight, Morant, pulled off a between-the-legs move in the air and floated it up to the New Orleans Pelicans’ rookie. If the wild pass wasn’t enough to excite fans, Zion threw down the one-handed slam to finish off the wild alley-oop sequence.

At this point, the dictionary is out of words to describe the kinds of highlights these two are producing. While they played AAU ball together growing up, it’s been a few years since they were teammates. The time away clearly hasn’t impacted them since they’re showing the kind of chemistry and timing that it takes some teammates a decade to develop.

While we might not get to see Zion and Morant be teammates on an NBA team, you can bet that they’ll be back in next year’s Rising Stars Challenge and could be teammates for future All-Star Games. We can’t wait to see what other absurd highlights they create in the years to come.