WATCH: Insane Devin Hester punt return negated by penalty

Devin Hester may not know this, but it’s 2017, not 2007. The greatest return man in NFL history is showing off some old tricks against the Atlanta Falcons.

Hester already had two big returns for the Seattle Seahawks and appeared to have a third.

Unfortunately for Hester and Seattle, the 79-yard punt return ended up being negated on a holding from Kevin Pierre-Louis.

The call was clear. But it also had nothing to do with Hester’s return and realistically, nothing to do with the play in general. The man Pierre-Louis held was not in position to make a play on the ball.

It ended up being a huge swing against the Seahawks. Had the return stood, Seattle would have been set up in fantastic field position, potentially ready to go up 17-7. Instead, the Seahawks started inside of their own 10. Two plays after the penalty, Russell Wilson tripped taking a snap and fell into his own end zone, creating a safety.

The safety cut the Seattle lead to 10-9. Atlanta took advantage of the short field on the ensuing possession to kick a field goal, taking a 12-10 lead.