WATCH: Hot Sauce puts ESPN’s Darren Rovell in a blender

Atlanta Hawks

Hot Sauce is the boss. He embarrasses everyone who comes onto the court with him during Atlanta Hawks games. We get that. Still, watching ESPN’s sports business insider Darren Rovell get quite literally sat down on Sunday was a joy to behold.

Talk amongst yourselves. I’m verklempt. Literally in tears over here.

If that isn’t the funniest thing you’ve seen all day, then please, do send us a clip.

Looking back at the tape, it’s clear Rovell better stick with his day job. His hips are stiff, he has trouble with lateral quickness and has absolutely no hand-eye coordination to speak of. Thankfully for him, he’s sitting pretty with his current gig at ESPN, dishing on all the business-related sports news out there.

Though, if you listen to Rovell, he came out a big winner on this one.