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WATCH: High School softball player Haven Williams does the splits to convert incredible double play

Jesse Reed
Image by Lenora Cagle from Pixabay

Haven Williams plays first base (among other positions) for the Clyde High School softball team, and thanks to a spectacular play she’s now making national news.

Check out this incredible show of flexibility as Williams does the full splits to stretch for a ball and convert a double play.

This remarkable play was first shared by Reddit user Alyssajprez on Tuesday.

It’s not the first highlight-reel-worthy play we’ve seen this season from the high school softball scene, though.

Williams is playing out her senior year at Clyde High School in Clyde, Texas. She’s batting .446 with an OBP of .525, and based on her personal highlight reel it seems she has a bright future ahead of her in college softball if she so chooses.