WATCH: Fight breaks out in XFL game between Dragons and BattleHawks

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Seattle Dragons quarterback B.J. Daniels didn’t take kindly to a St. Louis BattleHawks defender hanging onto him after he scored Saturday, and a fight broke out as a result.

Daniels ran in a one-point conversion after Seattle’s first touchdown of the game. After he had broken the plane, a defender continued to hang onto his legs, prompting Daniels to react, and his teammates rushed to his defense. A scrum ensued, with St. Louis getting hit with multiple personal foul penalties.

It’s the second week in a row that things have gotten chippy at a BattleHawks game.

Things could have gotten a lot more out of hand if not for some solid work by the XFL officials in this game. Ultimately, cooler heads prevailed and nobody got tossed for throwing punches, like we’ve seen in weeks past. But it sure got close to that before things settled down.