WATCH: Felix Hernandez has priceless reaction after striking out Adrian Beltre

After facing each other for years, Felix Hernandez and Adrian Beltre have developed a competitive friendship. So when Hernandez absolutely fooled Belte on a strikeout, he made sure to laugh at his friend’s expense.

During Tuesday’s game against the Texas Rangers, Hernandez absolutely fooled Beltre with a curveball and generated an ugly swing for strike three. Beltre immediately looked and smiled at Hernandez when he saw his friend’s reaction.

The 32-year-old pitcher nearly fell over laughing, bending down to his knees laughing. He then stood up and smiled, directing Beltre to go back to the dugout.

Needless to say, the two veterans have a healthy, competitive friendship. In 59 career at-bats against one another, Beltre has 10 strikeouts. Needless to say, we know who has bragging rights in this friendship.