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WATCH: Ezekiel Elliott’s agent says a deal is close

Vincent Frank
Ezekiel Elliott suspension

Everything seems to be pointing in the direction of holdout Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott signing a record-breaking extension with the team.

Elliott was seen arriving in Dallas from Mexico earlier on Tuesday, at which point the talented running back noted that he’s been ready to rejoin the team.

In talking about the possibility of an extension getting done soon, Elliott’s agent over at Alliance Sports Management, Rocky Arceneaux, noted that a deal is close.

Arceneaux went on to say that Elliott didn’t return to Dallas not to sign a deal. Something will be inked on the dotted line here soon.

Recent reports suggested that a deal worth about $90 million over six years could be in the cards here. Whether that’s accurate remains to be seen. But expect Elliott to be on the field Sunday against the Giants.