WATCH: Epic trailer for Jelle’s Marble Runs tournament will get you hyped

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Sports fans are looking for a source of entertainment and excitement during the COVID-19 pandemic with the NFL in its offseason and the NBA and MLB season suspended. Fortunately, that void is about to be filled in a few short weeks with the Jelle’s Marble Runs returning in June.

The Jelle’s Marble Runs has a passionate fan base and the races on YouTube have attracted even more attention during a time without sports. Unfortunately, Jelle’s Marble Runs was facing a shortage of sponsors before the fast-paced and wild Marble Racing 2020 season. Of course, that was until Last Week Tonight‘s John Oliver stepped in.

Now, fans of Jelle’s Marble Runs will be getting even more incredible moments this year. The stakes will be even higher this year given HBO’s Last Week Tonight is taking things a step further for a wonderful cause.

The show will donate $5,000 to a food bank in the name of the winner for each of the 16 races. If that and a full sponsorship weren’t enough, Last Week Tonight would also donate $20,000 to the International Rescue Committee in the name of the winner.

This will prove to be an incredible year for Jelle’s Marble Runs. Between the incredible donations, an incredible sponsorship and on the verge of surpassing 1 million subscribers, it’s all coming together. At a time when sports fans need entertainment more than ever, Jelle’s Marble Runs is about to provide it.