WATCH: Eli Manning enjoys special moments at MetLife Stadium with fans, family

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Just a few weeks after it seemed unlikely we’d see Eli Manning take the field again for the New York Giants, he delivered a win on Sunday in potentially his last home start at MetLife Stadium.

Manning started in Daniel Jones’ absence on Sunday against the Miami Dolphins. After the final seconds ticked away in a 36-20 victory, Manning made sure to thank the Giants’ fan base for all their support and showed his appreciation for them as he walked off the field.

Immediately upon stepping off the field, Manning was greeted by his family and shared a special moment with them following what might have been list last home game in New York.

While Manning didn’t play particularly well against the Miami Dolphins, he evened his career record to 117-117 and got to walk off the field victorious one final time in front of a fan base that has loved him for more than a decade.