WATCH: Eagles’ fake FG attempt goes horribly wrong

Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles did everything possible and pulled out all of the tricks to keep pace with a high-flying Minnesota Vikings offense on Sunday.

Down 24-10 late in the second quarter, that included running a fake field goal with kicker Jake Elliott attempting a pass on fourth down. Said fake did not go swimmingly.

What in the world was that? We’re not going to blame Elliott. After all, he’s a kicker. But if the Eagles were going to go for it, why not let the actual quarterback throw the ball?

In the end, Everson Griffen came away with the interception on a pass intended for Dallas Goedert.

Minnesota headed into the half up two touchdowns in a game that has seen the team’s offense dominate a lackluster Eagles defense.

This one miscue might end up playing a huge role in the outcome of the game.