WATCH: Draymond Green got his dunk attempt savagely rejected … by the rim

Draymond Green

During the fourth quarter of a very tight Game 4 in the Western Conference Finals between the Houston Rockets and Golden State Warriors, Draymond Green had his dunk attempt viciously rejected.

By the rim.

With no defender in sight, Green launched off the court and appeared to be headed for an easy two points. Only, the afterburners failed to engage, and he didn’t get up to where he needed to be.

The result was an embarrassing miss.


This wasn’t the first big-time fail by Green in this game, either.

That said, it’s hard to fault him on this one. The do-it-all forward nearly has a triple-double at this point, with 10 points, 12 rebounds and eight assists, not to mention two steals and a block.