WATCH: Draymond Green and the Warriors Had a Better Friday Than You

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

An estimated one million people attended the Golden State Warriors NBA Championship parade on Friday in Oakland. It was quite literally one of the best moments in the recent history of the downtrodden Northern California city.

Of the one million-plus people that attended, almost every member of the Warriors organization included, it appears that forward Draymond Green had the most fun—some of which had to do with adult beverages the forward may have consumed during the day.

It started with Green sharing some of his champagne with the fans.

It continued with Green getting off his parade bus to take part in the festivities with fans, stealing someone’s flag and hanging with Marshawn Lynch.

And it culminated in Green giving the best of what were over a dozen speeches as the day’s festivities came to an end.

Andre Iguodala then took the podium after Green, comparing his teammate to that drunk uncle at the family barbecue.

If anyone is allowed to be a bit drunk before noon on Friday, it’s a NBA Champion who just recorded a triple-double to help his team win its first title in 40 years.

That was evidenced by some pretty hilarious comments Green made about the Cavaliers a bit earlier in the day.

Overall, it was a great day for the Warriors, the city of Oakland and the entire Bay Area. Green’s enthusiasm was just another representation of just how much fun the young team is having after concluding a historical season with the title.

Shout out to Bay Area Sports Guy for some of the awesome media used in this piece.

Photo: USA Today Sports