WATCH: Donovan Mitchell, Jordan Bell in hilarious ‘spat’ after ‘incident’

By Vincent Frank

Golden State Warriors forward Jordan Bell is in the midst of living his best life. Fresh off earning an NBA title during his rookie season, the former second-round pick is taking part in the Warriors’ Summer League action in Vegas this summer.

It shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that Bell is dominating lesser opponents in the exhibitions. Now, he’s apparently shooting his shot in other ways.

During Friday’s action against the Los Angeles Clippers, Bell swatted one of his three shots in the game, only to “hit on” Donovan Mitchell’s better half from the court itself.

It was a scene to behold.

We can’t fully know what happened here, but Mitchell’s reaction says it all. Following the game, the two traded jabs on Twitter while clowning on those who read too much into it (raises hand).

All fun and games, right?

Jokes were made. Fun was had. Fans and media overreacted. But really, Bell is a smart man. He’s not about to go out there and hit on another man’s better half right in front of the dude.

Mitchell, who finished second in this year’s NBA Rookie of the Year voting, isn’t about to finish second again. That’s for sure.

As for Bell, at the very least he wasn’t out there making a fool of himself with Henny in hand. That was reserved for the Warriors’ championship parade.