WATCH: Dodgers fan loses food on two different foul balls at Oracle Park

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

An unfortunate Los Angeles Dodgers fan is having terrible luck with his food during Wednesday’s game at Oracle Park in San Francisco.

It started when he tried to catch a foul ball with one hand while holding garlic fries in the other. The fan eventually got the ball, but not before both the ball and the fries hit the ground.

That would be bad enough. As anyone who’s ever purchased garlic fries in San Francisco can attest, they are delicious but don’t come cheap.

Then, it happened again. Only this time, pizza took the fall.

That’s probably $100 worth of food that just got donated to the seagulls.

At a certain point, this guy has to really feel like he’s being picked on. Maybe he should wait until between innings to try again.