WATCH: Derek Carr turns the ball over fumbling through end zone

Derek Carr Jon Gruden
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Whether you think it’s a good rule or not, Derek Carr turned the ball over Sunday in Green Bay fumbling the ball through the end zone.

The Oakland Raiders quarterback was stretching out his left hand in an attempt to reach the ball over the front right pylon. He didn’t quite get there, losing the ball right before his knee hit the ground. The ball then went past the pylon and then out of bounds, meaning the Packers took the ball over at the 20-yard line after a touchback.

This wasn’t the first time Carr has lost a fumble like this, either.

Originally, this play was ruled Oakland ball on the 1-yard line. However, after a review, officials correctly determined Carr lost the ball before his knee hit the ground.

This play cost Oakland at least three points, if not seven, in a big road game.