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WATCH: Derek Carr throws worst pick-six of season against Chiefs

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

In an already dismal season for the Oakland Raiders, Derek Carr and Jared Cook provided what may well be the season’s worst play on Sunday.

Carr fired a pass in Cook’s direction. The problem? Cook had his back turned and was not remotely paying attention. Unfortunately for Oakland,┬áDaniel Sorensen was. He intercepted Carr’s pass and cruised in for the pick-six.

For the life of us, we can’t figure out what was happening here.

First, what was Cook doing? He literally stopped running the route.

Our best guess is that he thought the play was dead. Nothing else makes any sense.

But that doesn’t let Carr off of the hook. First, Carr was staring right at Cook. He saw what was happening. Second, even if Cook was running his route, Sorenson was still between them. The result of the play likely would have been exactly the same.

If we had to pick one play to sum up Oakland’s season, this would be high on the list of candidates.