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WATCH: Darrelle Revis failing Jets with laughable effort

Jesse Reed
Darrelle Revis
Courtesy of USA Today Images

New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis has a job every young football fan longs for — he’s getting paid to watch football.

No. Seriously.

That’s exactly what happened on at least one play Sunday when the New York Jets played against the Cleveland Browns.

Watch Revis completely bail on any attempt at making a tackle against running back Isaiah Crowell.

It’s hard to argue with the caption in the tweet above. Revis’ effort on this play is just laughably bad. In no way does he make any effort whatsoever to tackle the running back.

Instead, he was a spectator — a spectator who’s being paid $17 million this year.

And this is a guy who’s supposed to be a tone setter. A veteran leader. That’s not happening right now.

Also noteworthy is the fact Terrelle Pryor absolutely abused Revis in the first half Sunday. It’s hardly the first time the cornerback has been torched this year, either. A.J. Green of the Cincinnati Bengals went off like crazy in New York against Revis, who’s been a shell of himself in 2016.

Revis Island has long been retired. The cornerback has already admitted his body is breaking down. Perhaps now we can conclude his will to compete at the highest level has also broken down. It sure looked like it on Sunday.